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Online Counseling

In addition to our traditional therapy choices, our office offers e-therapy sessions.

We know that our clients maintain busy schedules, and we can assist in virtually bringing online therapy into your home.  We can offer e-therapy sessions via our Skype accounts or FaceTime, from our office, to your home.  This service is covered by private insurance companies in NH and MA.  You will be required to pay your co-pay.  You will be asked to keep a credit card on file to cover your co-pays, since you will not be in the office for the session.

Kelly is certified in online counseling and has attended an online counseling training. Both Danielle and Kelly are up to date with the most recent research and practices of “ tele health” also known as online counseling, e-counseling, or internet therapy.

Wondering why you would choose an online therapist option?
Here are a few examples of times when an online therapist might benefit a client:

  • A client moves after starting therapy and has a therapeutic relationship built with his or her therapist.
  • During ongoing counseling, a client unexpectedly doesn’t have child care.
  • A client sees the therapist online, thinks they will be a good fit, but doesn’t live close enough to come in weekly.
  • A client has a busy schedule, and this type of therapy allows for more free time.
  • A client has agoraphobia, and initially starts therapy this way, to later build skills to come into the office.

These are just a few of the examples of times when we believe e-therapy sessions will benefit our clients.  In order to get this online therapy process started, please contact a therapist, and either fill out your information online, or we can mail you an information and policy packet for you to sign and return.

Sessions are 35-45 minutes in length.  To schedule an appointment with Kelly click here, or for Danielle click here. Simply fill out your information and pick an appointment time.  In the brief request you send, write that you would like to do e-therapy.

Please be aware that using technology such as Skype can still have it’s limitations.  At times, Skype can lose connection, and have problems with the sound quality.  If this happens, it might be requested that we hang up and continue as a phone session.  If, for any reason, a client has to get offline or end the session, no refund will be given.